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Axis 4 - CLLD

Main challenges

Regional development at local level (CLLD)

The cooperation programme Italy-Austria already looks back on many years of experience with participatory approaches, which have been implemented by the so-called "Interreg councils" in the previous programme periods. With the CLLD approach (means: Community Led Local Development), this consolidated experience is systematised and expanded. The CLLD approach is an instrument for promoting local development driven by the local population. With its participatory concept at the local level, it involves citizens in the development of necessary measures to meet the social, economic and ecological challenges.

From an operational point of view, the CLLD regions develop an integrated development strategy by defining action plans for a limited number of areas on which local planning for the period 2014-2020 will focus.

Among other things, results are expected:

  • A full involvement of local actors in the development and implementation of CLLD cross-border strategies, in particular increased cross-border involvement of civil society and local government
  • Creation of an interactive platform for cross-border cooperation in the respective CLLD region
  • Strengthening governance between cross-border CLLD regions and the regional or national level
  • Implementation of small projects
  • Support for projects to diversify the local economy in border regions

In axis 4, four CLLD development strategies were approved in a dedicated call for proposals, which finance small and medium-sized projects with a total budget of 11,518,085.00 euros.

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Last modified: 7/13/2023