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Second call for submission of project proposals

The first call for projects was opened from 12 April 2017 to 30 June 2017. Project proposals could be submitted in the two thematic axes "Nature and Culture" and "Institutional Competence". A total of 38 project proposals were submitted, 18 were in axis 2 and 20 in axis 3.

For this first call, 21,000,000 Euro of ERDF funds were available. 38 project proposals were submitted with a total of 36 million Euro. Most of the funding was applied in axis 2 "Nature and Culture" for a total of 20 million Euro.

On the 7th and 8th November 2017, the Steering Committee decided on the financing of the cross-border cooperation projects submitted under the first call. In the two-day meeting, which took place at Hermagor in Carinthia, members discussed the evaluation proposal prepared by the Joint Secretariat, which included a qualitative assessment of all 38 submitted proposals. The Joint Secretariat was supported by the Regional Coordination Units and, where appropriate, by external experts. Previously, the formal proposals had also been subject to a formal evaluation by the Joint Secretariat. Following a comprehensive assessment, the Steering Committee expressed its support for the funding of 29 cooperation projects in the two axes "Nature and Culture" and "Institutional Competence", 14 of which is the axis 2 "Nature and Culture" and 15 in the axis 3 "Institutional Competence" for a total of 26,457,801.11 Euros.

The result of the second call

In this section, you will find all the documents for the result of the second call. Documents are available in German and Italian only.


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